Masquerade Business Ball


  • Wivenhoe House Hotel
  • 30th November 2023

99 space(s) available

The Christmas Networking Ball will be held 7-12pm at Wivenhoe House for senior business professionals who want to enjoy the opportunity to network while having some well deserved fun: because “we don’t do this enough”.

Come and join the festivities at Wivenhoe House where you’ll have the opportunity to brush shoulders with key business influencers from East Anglia.

We have found that the Inspire-Me networking events attract more than the serial networkers. These events are about reward and enjoyment as well as networking, these aren’t traditionally formulaic networking events.

So for the ones who might get bored easily, or struggle with chit chat: these events are designed to allow you to have a good time whether you like networking or not.

In the spirit of having fun: the dress code is MASQUERADE!

And there will be some unusual tactics employed to help you connect with others, even if you dread that sort of thing.

This will be time well spent.

And of course, because it’s networking, it can be put down as a business expense.

So don’t bring your teams, bring you. This is a night for you. For your own enjoyment and you know you’re helping your business by coming, too.

It’s a win-win-win!